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School Counseling

Mission and Vision

The Buckeye Valley Local School Districts Counseling Department will promote a culture of excellence that will build on our traditions, respect our diversity and partner with stakeholders for a stronger community.

The mission of the School Counseling Program is to provide a comprehensive, developmental counseling program that empowers students to embrace the challenges of our global society.  Through a collaborative partnership with students, family, school and community, we will foster the growth of every student's academic;  career; and personal and social development; while respecting diversity and encouraging future success. 

School Counseling Resources

Buckeye Valley High School

Buckeye Valley Middle School (Coming Soon)

Buckeye Valley East Elementary (Coming Soon)

Buckeye Valley West Elementary (Coming Soon)

Philosophy and Beliefs

Buckeye Valley Local Schools adheres to the philosophy that the School Counseling Program is an essential and integral part of student education.  Given the proper support, we believe that all students can learn and achieve at highest levels both academically and social-emotionally and that prepares the for adulthood and future career aspirations. 

The school counselors at Buckeye Valley believe that:

  • every student is valued and treated with dignity and respect;
  • all students have access to high quality school counseling services, provided by a full-time licensed professional school counselor.
  • all students ethnic, cultural, racial and socioeconomic differences and special needs are considered in the planning and implementation of the school counseling program; and that
  • all students can expect that school is a safe and nurturing environment.

The Comprehensive School Counseling Career Advising Program:

  • Is an integral part of the total educational process of the Buckeye Valley Local School District.
  • Is preventative and proactive in nature.
  • Is planned, coordinated, managed and evaluated by the school counselors and advisors.
  • Is available to all students to assist them with personal, social, academic, and college or career counseling needs and goals.
  • Stimulates student learning.
  • Encourages supportive, positive parental involvement in the schools.
  • Helps build a positive school environment by encouraging collaboration among counselors, teachers, administrators, parents and the community to further student achievement.
  • Is continuously refined and improved through systematic review and evaluation of student performance data.

Finally, all counselors in the Buckeye Valley Local School District:

  • Are guided by the American School Counseling Association (ACSA) Ethical Standards for School Counselors and the Counseling Principles of Good Practice of the National Association of College Admission Counselors (NACAC).
  • Engage in professional development activities.
  • Work as an advocate for all students.