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Mission and Vision

District Mission:  Engaging and inspiring individuals to thrive in an ever-changing, diverse society.

District Vision:  Where Tradition Meets Innovation.

District Core Beliefs:  At Buckeye Valley Local School District, we believe:

  • Our work is student-focused.
  • We show compassion, empathy, kindness and respect.
  • We honor a tradition of excellence, hard work and resilience.
  • We are an inclusive community that embraces diversity and opportunities for every student.
  • Our communication is collaborative, relevant and transparent.
  • We are driven to provide high-quality education through rigor, creativity, innovation and continuous improvement.

At Buckeye Valley, we have made a commitment that all actions and initiatives undertaken by the administrators, staff and students will be aligned directly to one or more of the four over-arching goals set forth below:

 District Goals: 

  • Student Success
  • Caring Culture
  • Resource Stewardship
  • Effective Communication

Student Success - Buckeye Valley Local Schools will foster personal success through high quality instruction, a wide-array of academic opportunities, student choice, and authentic real-world experiences.

Caring Culture -  Buckeye Valley Local Schools will cultivate an inclusive, compassionate environment where everyone feels accepted, appreciated, and encouraged.

Resource Stewardship - Buckeye Valley Local Schools will provide and maintain high quality learning spaces, materials and staffing necessary to promote student growth and a strong school culture while being good stewards of community resources.

Effective Communication - Buckeye Valley Local Schools will utilize a variety of platforms and strategies to effectively engage our students, staff, parents and community.

We believe that if we are accountable to these goals as a district and as a community, we will continue to improve, achievement will increase, and decisions about doing what's best for Buckeye Valley students will be clear.

The Buckeye Valley staff and community members with expertise or interest in these goal areas are serving on action teams for the new or ongoing strategies aligned directly with each of these goals.  As the objectives are implemented, new ones will be discussed, planned and initiated.